D.U.N.E. have persevered through the years and still to this day by recording original music only. From beginnings in 1997, the Sofia (Bulgaria) - based hard rock act rose above the cream of the crop of bands touring all over the Bulgarian club circuit. Within three years, the band's live show had built a reputation that could not be denied and was becoming legendary throughout the clubs in the Sofia and Black Sea districts. While performing an opening stint for bands B.T.R. and Signal, the guys caught the eye of EDITA GROUP productions who put the band on a BG rock tour together with the famous BG rock, blues & heavy bands at this time (B.T.R., Signal, PBB, Milena Band, etc.). Therefore a video clip was shot for 'Good & Evil', which became very popular and continues to be broadcasted on BG music channels all over as well as the release of 2 songs for EDITA GROUP production's CD compilation – 'Various Artists “On Where We're Going...” tour'. After the successful tour, the band still enjoyed hits and gigged around pubs in the local area – Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv. They were awarded 'The band of the Month' for January, February & March 1999, by the famous pub 'Bibliotekata'(Sofia) and had another two songs featured on the pub's compilation CD release “Various Artists Bibliotekata 2000”. The band was in the studio recording, preparing for the first EP when mid 2002 a decision was concluded within the band that they would perform once again in South Korea. This time, without the lead singer Villy, who took his own path straying a little away from the music but also demanded some side projects (releasing a demo LP with BG band Stress). Peter Rangelov had progressed steadily with his own solo career & education, performing throughout Scandinavia, Asia, England, Sofia bars & pubs, had already released an album with pop/rock band 'Caramel' in 2001 and finally, graduated from the Music Production School in Manchester, UK, 2009. He is currently writing and producing tunes for artists around the world as well as for D.U.N.E. The keyboard master Petko Valkanov also developed his own career, performing at the renewed Piano Bar 'Bibliotekata' for a while and composed music for various artists in BG. Svetlyo Velinov was involved in various musical projects, which included the national tour as a guest drummer for the group Popcorn. Invited as a drummer playing for the famous band 'Portokal' in 2001, Svetlio continues to make club appearances and perform at concerts throughout Bulgaria, shooting videos and participating in the BG charts. Collaborating with Matakka Group, Svetlyo has recorded and released an album in an innovative style for Bulgarian music. September 2012 D.U.N.E. releases their LP "Heavy Rain" featuring Villy Borisov on the vocals. The album was recorded at Pete Rangelov's studio, label - Tooden Hill Records, distributed by Ocean Drive Distribution, FL, USA.